Smoke a Fresh cigarette (Jul, 1931)

If you haven’t smoked a Camel recently, switch over for just one day, then quit them — if you can.

That’s a bit ominous.

Smoke a Fresh cigarette

Millions of men and women are now discovering a brand new enjoyment since Camels adopted the new Humidor Pack.

The mildness and the flavor of fine tobacco vanish when scorching or evaporation steals the natural moisture out of a cigarette.

Motor Boat Sportsmen Race Over Merry-Go-Round Course for Thrill (Sep, 1930)

Wouldn’t the boat on the inside track always win?

Motor Boat Sportsmen Race Over Merry-Go-Round Course for Thrill

SPEEDING at 40 miles per hour in an outboard motorboat around a merry-go-round course is one of the thrill-producers of water sportsmen at Winterhaven, Florida. Each boat is attached to a rope of a different length from the others so that the boats can pass each other on the course. They circle round and round the central pole held by the ropes. The only difficulty in this sport is that you never get anywhere—you just keep on going and end at the beginning.

MIDGET German car (Mar, 1957)

MIDGET German car seats four people back-to-back. It has front, rear door, does an estimated 50 mph, will sell for about $760.

Building Play Lot Equipment For The Kiddies Enjoyment (Jun, 1937)

Building Play Lot Equipment For The Kiddies Enjoyment

These playground projects solve the problem of keeping small children away from dangers of busy streets.

by Hi Sibley

KEEPING children off dangerous streets during the summer vacation months is a difficult task unless some means can be devised whereby their attentions are centered on the home or its surroundings. One way to accomplish this is through the construction of a backyard play lot, but even then you cannot expect to hold the children’s interest with merely a sandbox and a few toys. Slides and swings are part of the equipment necessary and need no explanation as to their construction.

Take your pick of the litter. (May, 1982)

I love the idea of having a phone handset hanging off the side of an Apple II.

Take your pick of the litter.

When you’re ready to let your computer out and introduce it to the rest of the world, one of the Cat family of Modems is the way to do it.

Take your pick. You can’t go wrong They’re all purebreds—from Novation, the recognized world leader in personal communications.

Would You Believe It? Oddities from Many Lands (Sep, 1936)

Would You Believe It? Oddities from Many Lands

Another “Death Ray”?

“DEATH-RAY” inventors are legendary. Each strives to produce some mysterious “ray” which will kill at a distance. Mr. Henry Fleur claims to have invented a machine to do this and, according to press reports, proved that he could kill snakes, lizards and termites. Although heat may kill at a distance, no new ray has been discovered to date and the known ones, even in combination, are not “death rays,” in the accepted meaning of this term.

Can you think faster than this Machine? (Mar, 1958)

Can you think faster than this Machine?

Be careful before you answer. GENIAC® the first electrical brain construction kit is equipped to play tic-tac-toe, cipher and encipher codes, convert from binary to decimal, reason in syllogisms, as well as add, subtract, multiply and divide. Specific problems in a variety of fields—actuarial, policy claim settlement, physics, etc., can be set up and solved with the components. Connections are solderless and are completely explained with templates in the manual. This covers 33 circuits and shows how new ones can be designed.

‘Pocket’ Aircraft Carrier to Mother Seaplanes (Jun, 1936)

‘Pocket’ Aircraft Carrier to Mother Seaplanes
Following the trend toward “pocket-size” warships, an airplane carrier designed by a British aircraft manufacturer has a displacement of only 3,000 tons. It
would be specifically commissioned to handle seaplanes. Over-all length would be 361 feet, with a fifty-two foot beam. Its cruising radius would be 5,000 miles.

TVr VIXEN (Feb, 1970)

The TVR Vixen is a striking fiberglass coupe powered by a Ford (of England) Cortina Four producing 93 hp. Since the car weighs only 1680 lbs. (220 less than the MGB roadster), performance is very good by European standards.

This Friden Calculator (Jul, 1954)

This Friden Calculator

Extracts Square Root Automatically with a touch of one key (first time on any desk calculator) Also provides all basic features which enable the fully automatic Friden Calculator—The Thinking Machine of American Business—to perform… more kinds of figure-work without operator decisions than any other calculating machine ever developed Send today for this Information Sheet describing features and abilities of the fully automatic Friden Square Root Calculator in detail.

Write FRIDEN CALCULATING MACHINE CO., INC., Dept. SA-3, San Leandro, California.

Friden sales, instruction and service available throughout the U.S. and the world,