Paige Automobile Ad (Apr, 1916)


The Standard of Value and Quality

“The Call of the Road”

Come brother—wake up. Sniff the air and you will find that the thrilling breath of Spring is already there.

Look about you. Sense the newness—the freshness—of it all. See how the laggard step of the crowd has quickened into a full swinging stride.

See those cars “break ” at the traffic officer’s whistle. Watch them come down three or four abreast at the “getaway.” Hear the shrill, merry note of the sirens and the good-natured chaff of the drivers.

This means Spring. This means the “open season.” This means Touring at its best.

Surely, you are not going to be “left behind” this year. Surely, you are not going to keep the wife and kiddies indoors when all the world is hiking far afield.

Perhaps you already know it—but what you need is a big, handsome, sturdy Paige “Six-46.”

Nothing less will completely satisfy you—nothing more is necessary for any man, no matter how wealthy he may be.

So don’t hesitate—don’t procrastinate.

Tell the stenographer that you will be “out” for a short spell, and hustle right over to the Paige dealer. Tell him your troubles — and let him prescribe.

Paige-Detroit Motor Car Company
Fleetwood, “Six-38.” $1050 Fairfield, “Six-46.” $1295
f.o.b. Detroit
1212 McKinstry Avenue Detroit, Michigan

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    mmm… fresh frog!

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