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Tricycle Conversion Kit enables junior to use his sidewalk scooter the year around. For use on ice or snow, the front wheel is removed and reslung under the frame with the wheel normally off the ground. Thus the vehicle can slide on the runners provided with the kit. Rider’s weight on the pedals brings the wheel into contact with the ground. Patent No. 2,978,251. Martin E. Gerdes, Alexandria, Minn.

All-Purpose Holder for smokers is designed to hold either a cigarette, cigar, or pipe bowl. It also provides a filter chamber that can be switched on or off by rotating a fingertip control knob. And the chamber can be charged with either a liquid or solid filter material. A cleaning tool or pick for the holder is built in. The inventor expects the holder to be easy and inexpensive to manufacture. Patent No. 2,986,146. Yao-Huang Li, Hong Kong, China.

Simple Spring Clip is designed to hold telephone or extension wires securely, easily, and quickly, either permanently or temporarily, to the undersides of shelves, ledges, or beams. If adopted, it would replace the nails, staples, and other fasteners now in common use. While one style holds the wire parallel to the edge of the shelf, the other holds it perpendicular to the edge. Patent No. 2,985,932. Joseph H. Windish, Enhauts, Pa.

Suitcase-Wardrobe combines the functions of ordinary luggage with those of a clothes closet so wrinkles can hang out of your clothing after a day’s travel. Spring steel strips at the ends of the folding portion help the piece stand upright when it’s open. No complicated hinges are used. Patent No. 2,985,266. Joseph Y. Pelavin, Brooklyn, N. Y., assignor to Droutman Manufacturing Co., Brooklyn, N. Y.

Straight Shooting is easier with this simple harness for sidearms and sub-machine guns. Harness provides a firm, steady, straight arm grip— the best position for relaxed and accurate firing. Loops in each end are so designed that one holds the gun and the other passes around the shooter’s neck. Patent No. 2,985,980. Duane K. Broshous, Stockton, III., assignor of one half to Donald Perry, Stockton.

Automatic Electric Kettle has a pilot light and adjustable control knob letting you set temperatures from a fast boil to a gentle simmer. Bimetal switches control the heating elements. Patent No. 2,987,607. William P. Paulin, Barrie, Ont., Canada, assignor to Canadian General Electric Co., Toronto.

Shoe Muffs will keep skiers and skaters’ feet warm during icy weather. Each muff slips onto one shoe skate or ski boot. Long laces are threaded through rings along the muff’s lower edges and are tied across the top of the instep. Two straps buckle around the rear of the shoe. The muffs, made of sheepskin or other insulating material would be water proofed. Patent No. 2,984,917. Kenneth D. Saunders, Billings, Mont.

Handy Car Tray provides a practical portable table for use when traveling by car. When you stop for a snack, the tray can be set up on the seat or even on the transmission hump as shown. The four adjustable legs keep the tray secure in almost any location in the car. Recesses are designed so drinking cups snap into place to prevent spilling. Patent No. 2,986,438. Vance A. Smothers and Keenen M. Smathers, both of Lake Junaluska, N. C.

• For more complete information on any of the inventions shown here, you may order copies of each original patent by sending your request with the patent number to Commissioner of Patents, Department of Commerce, Washington 25, D. C. Enclose 2 5$ in cash for each patent.

  1. M.S.W. says: April 26, 20119:21 am

    Wonder how many whiplash cases were brought on by use of the “Straight Shooter Harness”…

  2. DrewE says: April 26, 20119:32 am

    M.S.W. — probably not many, since the kick of the gun would tend to slacken the strap, not tighten it. I’d imagine that a two-handed grip would be at least as effective, though, and a lot simpler and quicker.

    On another note, is this the birth of the now ubiquitous cupholder?

  3. Charlene says: April 26, 20119:44 am

    I’m more worried about the kid on the tricycle he’s about to shoot!

  4. bobby j says: April 26, 201110:48 am

    Some people just need to be shot

  5. Toronto says: April 26, 201111:21 am

    I like that the tricycle seems to have a rear wing to improve cornering traction, though I have to confess that based on my experience, tip-overs were the problem.

  6. John says: April 26, 201112:46 pm

    M.S.W.: You don’t really believe that pistols recoil forward, do you?

  7. Don says: April 26, 20112:47 pm

    There ought to be a museum for all the old smokers stuff. Ash trays, holders, lighters…..

  8. Hirudinea says: April 26, 20115:05 pm

    Dummy cords for pistols are old news.

  9. M.S.W. says: April 27, 20116:13 am

    DrewE/John It wouldn’t be an issue if people used it as intended. But Murphy’s law proves most people would find someway of mis-using it. 😉

  10. John says: April 27, 20117:39 am

    M.S.W.: Maybe so, but the laws of physics trump Murphy’s Law when it comes to whiplash from this invention.

  11. Jari says: April 27, 20118:35 am

    Not to be a nitpick or anything… I recall seeing an old S&W air pistol, where the piston was inside the handle striking upwards when shot. That would make the gun recoiling downwards. As the arm, leach and “armpit to neck” forms a triangle and assuming the armpit is stationary, it would pull the harness forward.

    Knowing typical force that air guns recoil, I’d say that getting than thing around ones neck causes more damage.

  12. John says: April 27, 20119:19 am

    Jari: That is nitpicking because although most piston operated air rifles/pistols recoil forward we are talking about a negligible effect (as you said) except where optics are concerned (most will break under forward recoil). Also assumes that the shooter is using an air pistol. You can play that game but the drawing clearly shows that the guy is using a model of High Standard target pistol. In any event, if you think that shooting an air pistol in this way will result in whiplash then I feel for you.

  13. M.S.W. says: April 27, 201110:30 am

    John the article states can be used with “Sub-machine” guns. Now if some dolt used the harness to single handedly hold a sub-machine gun (say a tommy-gun)said dolt could easily hurt him/herself… 😉

  14. Jari says: April 27, 201111:13 am

    John: Well, I think I’m entitled to nitpick from time to time. That S&W just popped in my mind, as it has that odd piston configuration meaning that forward motion to that dang harness while firing is possible.

    Points for finding the manufacturer of the pistol. That could also be called nitpicking. To me it was just a general target practicing pistol with barrel weight so I could freely assume that it was air pistol. Now that I know that it’s a .22, it throws my reasoning out of the window.

    And no, no need to feel for me, as I implied in the second paragraph, the scuffing when putting that thing around one’s neck is the worst that can happen. Unless it gets somehow caught to a runaway horse that just happens to run by.

  15. John says: April 27, 201111:58 am

    M.S.W.: Wow, fired a lot of submachineguns have you? Well, I have and a sling that loops around your neck is a perfectly valid technique seeing as how the stock of the “Tommy gun” goes in your shoulder and the sling merely transfers weight from your arms. Assault slings are used by a lot of “dolts” currently on active duty in various forms like this one

    Also the actual patent doesn’t show one handed shooting with a sub gun

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