A toothbrush that carries its own paste is now on the market. When the tube on its back is squeezed, paste is forced between the bristles. A fitting permits substitution of another tube when the first is used up.

  1. WJE says: December 7, 20073:55 am

    It’s a DARLEK !!!!!!!!

  2. ALiK says: December 16, 20074:01 pm

    really interesting invention…

  3. J says: December 16, 20074:06 pm

    It’s about time! I’ve been waiting like 75 years for something like this!

  4. dingo says: December 16, 20074:17 pm

    its a tarp!

  5. Tanja Short says: December 16, 20074:58 pm

    Very funny invention that no one needs.
    I wonder how people can design such stuff without considering the waist of material that they will use.

  6. KATRINEHOLM'S RUDE ABSTRACT PAINTINGS says: December 16, 20075:15 pm

    My goodness! Next thing you know they’ll start sending men to the moon!

  7. max says: December 16, 20075:32 pm

    what! this looks sweet :)) i would use this

  8. Kevin says: December 16, 20075:34 pm

    Men on the moon?! I suppose you’re also going to tell me that they’re going to start letting women go to work!

  9. neb says: December 17, 20071:10 am

    I remember making one of these when i was a kid but.. no handle just the tube.

  10. psychic readings says: December 17, 20076:35 am

    Holy moly!! We’re living in the future

  11. orificium says: December 17, 20076:04 pm

    Uh… I imagine this didn’t take off very well considering one usually replaces one’s toothbrush regularly (hopefully anyway).

  12. Phil says: December 19, 20075:39 pm

    oh my god! in eighth grade, my english class had to come up with an invention and present it to the class. My idea was exactly this. I thought it was good. Now i realize it was considered lame, even in the 1930’s

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