Petrified Display Dinners Made From Real Roast Turkey (May, 1934)

Petrified Display Dinners Made From Real Roast Turkey

PETRIFIED foods are now a reality. Van Olkon and Arthur Cohler, two young Minneapolis college graduates, have developed a secret wax composition which can be molded into realistic imitations of absolutely any food. The new wax foods keep their fresh appearance even with the burning summer sun beating down on show windows.

Wax foods are used by restaurants, by ice cream manufacturers, or by anyone who wants to display a perishable product. Green peppers filled with gleaming macaroni, and topped with rich yellow cheese, turkeys roasted and fairly dripping with delicious gravies, and even chocolate candy are duplicated in wax with a naturalness that is unbelievable.

In making a turkey model, the chef first bakes a real turkey in the ordinary style, basting it with rich sauces. The fowl is coated with stearin and kerosene, and a plaster mold made. The mold is cut apart, the bird removed, and the rejoined mold filled with the wax compound.

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  1. Cleanser says: June 17, 20086:23 am

    While I would prefer the artistry of making fake food from scratch, I imagine this improved the production rate — and affordability — of food models!

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