Phonograph Records Teach Parrots to Talk in One Week (Sep, 1931)

I want to see a parrot opera. Modern parrots seem to prefer dubstep or K-Pop.

Phonograph Records Teach Parrots to Talk in One Week

PETER JENSEN, a veteran bird trainer at the Luna Park zoo, Los Angeles, has simplified the task of teaching parrots to talk. He holds “classes” twice a day, his classes usually consisting of four or five birds seated on a perch that has a phonograph with a loud speaker at one end. His records are specially made and reproduce the usual phrases such as “pretty poll,” “hello polly,” etc.

When he turns the machine on the “pupils” soon become interested. After an hour of this instruction each day for six days, even the dumbest bird begins his imitations. They are then graduated to the whistling class and later to grand opera.

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  1. Hirudinea says: January 23, 201311:19 am

    “Pretty Polly” repeated over and over? No only is he teaching the parrots to talk he’s raising their self esteem. What a guy.

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