Photographic Cut-Outs Appear to Prop Up Book Ends (Feb, 1940)

These are actually kind of cool looking.

Photographic Cut-Outs Appear to Prop Up Book Ends

To make novel photographic book ends of the type illustrated, first take pictures of the subjects pushing against a wall or the side of a car and enlarge to 5″ by 7″. These enlargements are mounted on 1/4″ thick plywood with glue or dry mounting tissue.

The outlines are then cut on a jig saw with a rather fine blade. Small extensions or tenons are left on the hands and feet for attaching the figures to the book ends, which should be of a simple design. A sharp 1/4″ chisel is used to make small mortises in the centers of the bases and uprights of the book ends. The extensions on the feet and hands of the cutouts are fitted into the mortises and fastened with glue. For further strength, small flathead screws can be inserted through the book ends into the plywood extensions. The wood may be finished with two coats of clear varnish, but apply only one coat on
the photographs. Any simple design may be used for the book ends.—C. C. Cooley.

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  1. blast says: December 8, 200711:09 pm

    I liked this idea and did it as a craft with my daughter. I glued the photo to “foam core” board with craft glue, cut out the figures and glued the hands and feet to two boards as in the original.

    I recommend the heaviest wood you can find (1×6 board is a good start), and black foam core.

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