Pigantics (Jul, 1957)


Artificial jet thunder storms the barnyard to test effect of noise on farm animals

OUR four-footed friend above is a principal participant in scientists’ experiments to determine whether noisy jet aircraft, roaring over the barnyard all day, has any adverse effect on the milk and meat producing capacities of farm animals.

Aircraft sounds are beamed from a giant loudspeaker to our “victim,” all decked out in amplifier and radio transmitter. Laboratory receiving equipment includes an electrocardiogram recorder, heart rate recorder and oscilloscope, which enable experts to study the animal’s heart action and determine effects of noise.

Experiments conducted by the U. S. Department of Agriculture’s Research Center have been going on for over a year. The “subjects,” however, don’t appear to be at all concerned over the earnest proceedings, and though they may pause momentarily while eating or wriggle their ears in response to the racket —so far, no noise nerves have been reported.

  1. Stannous says: November 24, 200712:50 pm

    I think my neighbor has that speaker in his bedroom…

  2. nlpnt says: November 24, 20072:50 pm

    I have to wonder how much that amplifier/transmitter/harness rig weighed. Also, what steps were taken to make sure it (or the dry conditions it would require) wasn’t skewing the results.

    Lastly, spare a thought for the poor grad student or intern who had to put that thing ON the pig!

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