Pipe-Shaped Cigar Lasts Longer (Nov, 1934)

Pipe-Shaped Cigar Lasts Longer

A NOVELTY smoke, now on the market, is pipe-shaped cigar which is said to last three times as long as those of ordinary shape.

The unusual design of the cigar moreover is said to retain the ash intact, making the aroma more enjoyable. Recently brought to America, the cigar originated in Europe.

  1. LightningRose says: December 19, 20084:44 pm

    “Cigar”, “aroma”, and “enjoyable” are all mutually exclusive concepts.

  2. Bobby Yates says: December 19, 20085:03 pm

    What a bigoted response.

  3. Jari says: December 19, 20085:17 pm

    Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar 🙂 Actually I still have mine millenium cigar in my cigar box…

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