This game device has been invented by George S. Gumaer, of Coronado, California. The barrel of the pistol rests fiat on the ground while the grip is two or three feet above the ground at the end of an upwardly extending inclined handle. The spring-actuated trigger has its lower end pointed to engage in the notched portion of a cylindrical hammer. When this trigger is pulled, the hammer is driven forward by a coil spring.

On the left is shown the “pistol” which propels a ball or marble. It is designed to be used in playing the games of marbles, floor billiards, ninepins, and indoor croauet. It makes it possible to play all these games without kneeling or squatting on the ground. This is much more fun for the youngsters and besides it saves stockings.

  1. Toronto says: March 16, 20102:47 pm

    Bother! When I saw the toddler, I thought the use of real guns was a given.

  2. Charlene says: March 16, 20104:49 pm

    I thought the same thing, but this could still put out a few eyes. Oh well, at least it’ll save on stockings!

  3. Toronto says: March 16, 20105:24 pm

    Sox, sox, sox. That’s always what it comes down to here!

    (I’m still trying to figure out that “stockings” reference. Did croquet mallets of the day ruin people’s hose? And if so, how? Splinters?)

    I once lived in a town that had more indoor croquet pitches than bowling alleys. I never did figure out why, especially as it was a 99% Francophone community.

  4. Firebrand38 says: March 16, 20105:41 pm

    Toronto: It clearly says that they don’t have to kneel on the ground thus otherwise tearing up their knee socks and such.

  5. r peltier says: March 17, 20107:32 am

    This article is not what I had pictured at all!
    I do however have a pistol!

  6. Scott says: March 25, 20107:57 am

    Pistol billiards, lawn darts, a 12-pack of Old Milwaukee, and you’ve got what I call a good old fashioned family fun day.

  7. Bayard says: April 10, 20106:20 pm

    What else would you shoot pool with?

  8. Toronto says: April 10, 20108:34 pm

    Scott: I loved “Jarts” – except when we’d take them to campgrounds and idiots would toss them into trees and then stand under them trying to knock them out with rocks or other lawn darts. Sadly, they all survived.

  9. Arglebarglefarglegleep says: August 6, 201010:05 pm

    the silly part is the pin doesn’t need to stick out at all. If you’ve played croquette, you know standing on a ball and whacking it with a mallet will act like you hit the ball touching the ball you whacked. It’d need some good design to transfer the energy which would make the thing expensive probably.

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