Planet Gravity Causes Sunspots (Feb, 1932)

This explanation is completely wrong.

Planet Gravity Causes Sunspots

THE eleven-year cycle of sun spots, with all its earthly effects on weather and radio, has been traced by scientists to the gravitational pull exerted on the sun by three of the planets, the earth, Jupiter and Venus. The planets exert joint attractions every eleven years.

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  1. David Spector says: December 15, 20138:13 am

    Although not all the details are known, physicists currently believe that sunspots result from chaotic gas flow resulting from the Sun’s complex internal forces involving gas motion. The immediate cause is the strong magnetic fields generated by this chaotic gas flow, since the gases have strong electric charges due to their being plasmas.

    Compared to the enormous strength of the magnetic fields of the Sun, the gravitational fields of the Sun’s neighboring gases, being low in mass, are of negligible importance in sunspot generation. The magnetic fields of the planets, which are so far away, have no influence at all, either singly or grouped together.

    Note that the gravitational attraction between two masses is inversely proportional to square of their distance apart. So moving apart two masses by a factor of only 100 would reduce their mutual gravitational attraction by a factor of 10000. This is why the planetary attraction of any planet is so small far away from the planet.

    In fact, the gravitational pulls of the other planets can barely even be detected on Earth, so they could not possibly influence the development of human personality, as predicted by astrology.

    Therefore, the gravitational influences of planets have nothing to do with sunspots and nothing to do with the personalities of human individuals.

    That is not to say that the gravities of the planets are unimportant to us. The mutual gravitational attraction of the Sun with each planet is what keeps each planet in orbit around the Sun. The physical stability of the Solar System is the result of the mutual attraction of the Sun and planets due to their total masses, since mass is responsible for gravity.

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