Plastic Auto Top Is Removable (Apr, 1946)

What good is the rear spotlight going to do if you can’t see out the back and the side mirrors are the size of lollipops?

Plastic Auto Top Is Removable

Tradition is disregarded in a custom-built automobile body designed by Raymond Loewy and equipped with a transparent plastic top for the driver’s seat which can be removed for warm weather motoring. Built on a standard 1942 Lincoln Zephyr chassis, the body is six inches lower than conventional cars. Blue glass portholes are fitted into the rear dome, and a plastic shield—hinged to the top—can be lowered between front and rear seats. A rear spotlight aids in backing up.

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  1. Toronto says: August 24, 20129:33 pm

    Side mirror, singular, most likely, Charlie. Passenger side mirrors were rare back then.

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