Plastic Baby Grand (Jun, 1946)

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Plastic Baby Grand

A smart looking cigarette or jewelry box anyone can make.


THOSE tiny plastic baby grand cigarette and jewelry boxes displayed in jewelry shop windows are not difficult for the inexperienced craftsman to make and the total cost will be only the price of a square foot of Lucite or Plexiglas plus a small tube of model airplane cement.

Draw all parts full size on 1/4 in. squared paper and then transfer the outlines to the protective masking paper of the plastic. Jigsaw along the outline and then file the edges even. Finish with fine No. 00 sandpaper. The curved side and the pedals are bent over a wooden form after the plastic has been heated in an oven at 200° F. Use gloves while bending the side and, once shaped, hold against the form until the plastic has cooled. Notch and drill the straight side for the hinges and then cut out the other parts shown on the drawing.

Start assembling with the bottom by cementing on the sides and front. Both sides are cut slightly longer to insure a perfect joint. Next, cement the legs and pedals in place. Each leg is braced with a small angle of plastic; the back leg with two and one on each side. Position the hinges on the lid to match the slots in the side of the piano and then cement the hinges in place. When dry, the lid can be placed on the piano and the hinges drilled from the holes in the side. Sewing pins, with the head and point cut off, serve as hinge pins. A drop of cement will hold them in the hole.

The plastic keyboard is enameled white and the black keys drawn with a ruling pen and India ink. To prevent the ink from running it is best to outline the keys first and then fill in solid portion.

Any excess cement on the plastic can be removed with a cotton swab or cloth saturated with model airplane dope thinner.

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