Plastic Bathtub (Dec, 1947)

Plastic Bathtub is a great time saver, says Dolly Down, nightclub singer, above. You can sun-bathe and water-bathe at the same time. She’s shown here atop a Miami hotel.

  1. Zak Lybrand says: June 22, 20095:30 pm

    Wow, that actually looks like it has a sexy potential…

  2. Torgo says: June 23, 20099:14 pm

    Plastics make it possible!

  3. Steve says: June 24, 20098:31 pm

    Wow… Dolly Down?, Nightclub singer?, and all this talk about bathing in a see-through tub?, What’s not to like? 😀

  4. Claire Tedrick says: July 2, 200911:28 am

    Remember when they made things clear plastic so you could see how everything works? I’d like them to make my Whirlpool Tub clear so I could see how it relaxes me.

  5. Harry says: July 7, 20094:14 pm

    I don’t know, I doubt that even a perfect body would look that great squashed against a transparent bathtub.

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