Plastic Water Wheel (Jun, 1950)

I remember wanting one of these so badly when I saw The Toy.

Plastic Water Wheel
Swimmers have a new play item this summer—a huge water wheel which spins on the surface to provide the thrills of a roller coaster. The wheel, made of Vinylite, is six feet in diameter. When inflated, it forms a double ring that has circular openings spaced uniformly between the two rings. It can be made to roll across the surface, used in a competitive “king of the mountain” game or anchored as a float for diving or sun-bathing. The plastic resists abrasion, oil, grease and temperature change. Deflated, the wheel rolls into a small bundle weighing only eight pounds.

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  1. Suzanne says: November 12, 20089:55 am

    This reminds me that at one point, every product was brand new. The market is so saturated with choices and variations I forget there was a time when such products didn’t exist.

    “The Toy” made me so envious as a kid. Why couldn’t I have all that stuff, or at least have a generous friend who did? I didn’t envy the kid’s attitude though, I wanted to smack him. =D

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