Play a Saw (Mar, 1948)

Play a Saw

Quickly produce saw music of amazing, voicelike beauty. Without knowing one note from another, without using music, soon play such songs as “Long, Long Trail”, “Till we Meet Again,” and other favorites old and new. No notes to read, no dreary practice — success guaranteed.

Since 1921, thousands of our students have amazed themselves and friends…many have starred in shows and broadcasting orchestras. This is your opportunity to gain quick popularity, and to make money entertaining at parties, dances, lodges, clubs, church entertainments, everywhere.
You Play or NO PAY!


If you can sing, whistle or hum a tune then you can play the Musical Saw. To prove how quickly and easily you can learn, we allow you
FIVE DAYS TRIAL. Play at the nest party!

Write TODAY for details to . . .
Novelty Musical Instruments—Est. 1021
33 Fort Street Fort Atkinson, Wis.

  1. […] My dad plays one of these. He’s even played with the symphony. On television. Twice. […]

  2. Stannous says: July 27, 20068:03 pm

    There were THOUSANDS of these players once?

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