Play Guitar Like the Cowboys Do… (Sep, 1944)

Play Guitar Like the Cowboys Do…
Only 8-1/3 Cents a Lesson

Just out—very latest guaranteed, simple, easy method. Play cowboy songs the Western way in a few minutes by ear. Surprise and amaze your friends. Be in big demand at parties, camps, public entertainments, on the radio, etc. 12 Complete Lessons.
Pay postman only $1.00 plus postage and C.O.D charges, or send $1.00 and get EXTRA SONGS all postpaid. (Canada, $1.25 money order only.) Nothing else to buy.
Positive money back guarantee. Rush order today.
WESTERN RANGER STUDIOS, Dept. 259, Hutchinson, Kans.

  1. Boing Boing says: July 10, 200612:07 am

    Play Guitar Like a Cowboy ad from 1944…

    I purely love the old advertisements the Modern Mechanix blog scans and posts — like this “Play Guitar Like the Cowboys Do, Only 8 1/3¢ a Lesson” spot from 1944. Link……

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