Portable “tree” apartment house (Jan, 1966)

Portable “tree” apartment house
An easy-to-assemble “tree” apartment house with cabins on its branches has been designed by Hoist Dollinger, German architect. The building is intended for temporary accommodations. The 320-foot concrete mast has a base only 16-1/2 feet square. An internal elevator and stairs provide access to the cabins. One of the structures is planned for the 1967 Montreal World’s Fair.

  1. Myles says: November 19, 20082:34 pm

    Was one of these ever built? How is a 320 foot concrete mast portable? Would it not have to be constructed mostly on site? This looks cool but seems like a very expensive way to provide about 20 suites.

  2. John M. Hanna says: November 19, 20084:35 pm

    There must be a picture of this thing next to the word “impractical” in the dictionary.

  3. Scott says: November 19, 20085:58 pm

    I couldn’t find any photo evidence of this structure being built for the Fair, but I did find this:


    … which looks like it inspired part of a new matte painting for the recent Star Trek remastering project (lower right):


  4. jayessell says: November 19, 20087:29 pm

    Is each suite supplied with a dog exercising treadmill on the balcony?

  5. B22 says: November 21, 20087:44 pm

    There are a couple of buildings in Tokyo that seem to reflect the same thinking.

    There’s the (notoriously ugly) Sofitel Tower Ueno:


    There’s also the Nakagin Capsule Tower:


  6. mike says: February 17, 20091:30 pm

    One gust of wind and you would be living in a metronome.

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