Portland’s Zoo Railway (Feb, 1959)

Looks like this train, plus two others are still going strong at the Portland Zoo.

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Portland’s Zoo Railway

HAPPY tots and smiling adults ride around the new $3,859,000 Portland, Ore., zoo on America’s latest railway—the Portland Zoo Railroad Co. The rocket-styled, Diesel-powered Zooliner hauls three gleaming Skydome coaches and a luxurious club car which tote 99 adults or 132 kids. The pike is headed by famed Pacific Northwest author and historian, Stewart H. Holbrook, Chairman of the Board, and John H. Jones, President. All aboard!

  1. Sean says: January 30, 20129:30 am

    Train is a great way to see a zoo. If you’re ever passing through Wheeling, WV and have a few hours to kill, the zoo and model railroad exhibit at Oglebay Park is worth the time. They take you around the animals on a narrow-gauge railroad.

  2. Hirudinea says: January 30, 201211:23 am

    This would be a good idea at an “African Lion Safari” style park, monkeys won’t tear your winshield wipers off.

  3. Charlie says: January 30, 201211:40 am

    Hirudinea » But then we wouldn’t get videos like this: http://www.youtube.com/…

  4. Kosher Ham says: January 30, 20121:29 pm

    The engine looks very similar to the one used in Disneyland before the monorails opened; that engine had doors, windshield and even the engine from a 1950’s Oldsmobile. It looks like this train was also based on GM parts– notice how the windshield wraps around like the cars of that ere.

  5. JMyint says: February 1, 201211:46 am

    It’s modeled after the GM Aerotrain. There is a complete one at the St. Louis Museum of Transport if’n you ever happen to be that way.


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