President Gets New Convertible (Sep, 1950)

President Gets New Convertible

THE man in the White House took delivery the other day of a specially built seven-passenger Lincoln convertible with disappearing steps on which Secret Service men ride like footmen. Last of 10 cars built for Mr. Truman, his family, and distinguished visitors, it has a 145-inch wheel-base compared with 125 on the Lincoln Cosmopolitan. It has an over-all length of 20 feet compared with the standard 18-1/2.

The other nine cars are limousines. Four of the nine, used by the First Family itself, have gold-plated fittings. The remaining five, with chrome substituted for the gold plate, are for distinguished visitors.

The cars have the regular 152-hp. V-8 engines, with heavv-duty Hydra-Matic transmissions. Their curb weight ranges from 6,100 to around 6,500 pounds—some 1.700 more than the regular Cosmopolitan. Special equipment on the convertible includes a warning siren and a flashing red light. All cars have an extra rear-seat heater. Coal-black, the convertible has white sidewall tires, red-and-black leather upholstery, a tan top, and two jump seats.

To strengthen the extra-long frames, a cap of 1/4-inch steel was welded to the longitudinal members and crosspieces. Limousine tops have one regular top and part of another welded together. Lengthening drive shafts required adding a universal joint.

The convertible body was built by Dietrich Creative Industries, Inc., of Grand Rapids, Mich., the limousine bodies by Henney Motor Co., of Freeport, Ill.

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