PRINCESS RADIUM Lingerie (Oct, 1924)

$85 a Week like play

Man or Woman

Profits in Advance

Big Money for you quick showing my line of charming ladies’ silk lingerie and hose, receive profits in advance. No experience required. Miss Grace James averaged $36 a day spare time. R. G. Thompson earned $33 in 1 day. The secret of success is offering: exclusive articles women love at sight.


These dainty garments, exclusive in design, not carried by any store, our low mfr’s direct prices unbeatable. Splendid opportunity, big cash quick, write for exclusive territory, build a steady income. District managers wanted, territorial rights going fast, don’t delay, write now.

Free Handsome photos from actual models and actual samples of genuine “PRINCESS RADIUM” silk, free.

ROBERTS – FRANK & CO. 1733 Irving Park Blvd. DOept. k-12 Chicago

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  1. Stannous says: February 26, 20076:23 pm

    Does it glow in the dark? I once bought some panties for my wife that did…

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