PRIMSET—a simple and marvelous new method, sets them in natural position and improves appearance IMMEDIATELY. INVISIBLE, COMFORTABLE. HARMLESS—can be employed any time without detection. Use corrects deformity quickly with children, eventually with adults. Endorsed by physicians as best known method for straightening ears. Complete outfit, guaranteed—$3.00. U. S. residents can pay postman.
U.S. residents can pay postman.
Prim Specialties Corp.
Dept. T-5, 55 West 42nd St., New York

  1. SpaceMonkeyX says: August 8, 200610:45 am

    That picture is absolutely freaking me out. He looks like one of those creepy, possessed marionettes from a bad horror movie. I suppose it’s because the big ear side is drawn bigger to make the difference between the “Before” and “After” face that much more significant. But even still it’s creepy.

  2. Charlie says: August 8, 200611:05 am

    Yeah, it scares me too.

  3. Anne says: April 8, 20081:41 pm

    Double sided tape?

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