Purity Cross Creamed Chicken a la King (Apr, 1916)

Purity Cross Creamed Chicken a la King

Even when the maid’s away you can serve this great epicurean dish of the millionaire hotels and blue-blood clubs.

It is made of fresh young poultry, golden cream dressing of exquisite flavor, garnished with plenty of tender mushrooms. Ready to heat and serve on toast or patty shells. Delight your family at luncheon, supper or dinner. It will surprise your guest. It’s only 25c and 50c at the best grocers. If not yet at yours show this ad. and he will order it; or I will supply you direct at the special price of $1.40 a half dozen for the 25c size, or $2.25 for the 50c size express prepaid if you send best grocer’s name.


  1. Torgo says: September 2, 20099:21 pm

    It’s the X-Box logo!

  2. Charlie says: September 3, 20093:23 pm

    Torgo: That’s funny, I hadn’t noticed. Now I’m going to think of creamed chicken every time I start my 360.

  3. Eli says: September 8, 20092:36 pm

    I have a feeling that any hotel serving this canned creamed chicken to millionaires would soon find itself out of business…

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