Pyrex Ad: A new material has come into the world (Apr, 1916)

A new material has come into the world

By means of this important discovery food is now baked in transparent glass dishes so durable that the hottest oven will not break them. This glass transmits heat so perfectly that the food bakes faster and more uniformly, holds its flavor better and does not burn.

The progress of the baking can be seen right through the dish.

This practically does away with guess-work. The quick baking saves time and fuel. It makes a noticeable difference in your gas bill where gas is used.

Pyrex dishes do not chip, craze nor flake—This eliminates a serious danger. They do not absorb grease nor odors. They are not affected by acids nor alkalis. They are tough and stand rough handling, and are easily washed, as food does not stick nor burn on, and every speck is seen at a glance.

The use of Pyrex insures a sense of absolute cleanliness and efficiency.

Pyrex Glass Dishes for Baking

The only glass that does not break in the oven

A large variety of shapes and sizes, ranging in price from the Ramekins at 12-1/2c to the large Casserole at $2.

Suitable mountings are now obtainable through dealers.

Ask your department, china or hardware store to get these Pyrex Glass Dishes for you—or write to any of the following stores and they will supply you:

CORNING GLASS WORKS Established 1868 CORNING, N. Y.. U. S. A

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