Quaker Oats Cereals (Apr, 1916)

“No – Not This”

“Go Get Your Own Puffed Wheat”

Every child has dainties she dislikes to share.

You did and we did. Children always will.

And in every home that serves Puffed Wheat, that dainty is among them. We have often watched it. With a great big dish and a package full in waiting, one hates to share a taste.

Flaky, Flavory Bonbons

These bubbles of wheat look and taste like confections. Children love to eat them like peanuts—carry them in bags when at play.

Adding cream and sugar makes a breakfast dish with which nothing else compares. And they are about as delicious as a good-night dish, floated in bowls of milk.

Another pleasant fact is that at any hour one may eat his fill; for these thin, crisp morsels are simply whole wheat puffed. Every food cell has been exploded. So, beyond all other grain foods, Puffed Wheat easily digests.

It is quite a mistake to be sparing of a food so fascinating and so hygienic.

These are the foods in which Prof. A. P. Anderson solved the problem of perfect cooking.

In other forms these grain foods are cooked or baked or toasted. Thus part of the food cells are broken, but rarely more than half.

In Puffed Grains alone is every food cell exploded. Over 100 million steam explosions are caused in each Puffed Grain. Thus every atom of every element becomes available as food.

Your doctor will tell you that wheat and rice, in every way, are best when served in puffed form.

Puffed Wheat 12c
Puffed Rice 15c
Corn Puffs—Bubbles of Corn Hearts— 15c

Except in Far West

The Quaker Oats Company
Sole Makers

  1. roslyn says: January 20, 20092:27 pm

    Looking for the old quaker box receipe for oatmeal cookies – would like to have the old receipe sent to [email protected] if possible thank you

  2. roslyn says: January 20, 20092:29 pm

    love quaker cereal want the oatmeal cookie receipe on all old packages of quaker oatmeal

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