Radio Calls Movie Star to Work (Jul, 1934)

Radio Calls Movie Star to Work

HERBERT MUNDIN, movie star, recently had to work in four different pictures at the same time. Finding it rather difficult to keep track of his working day schedule, and to know just where he was wanted next, he had to use a portable radio set.

With radio communication the directors had but to step up to the microphone to call their “much-in-demand” actor.

The tiny radio set and batteries are supported by a slingstrap. Headphones are used for reception, with a tiny loop aerial attached to them. No ground wire is needed since transmitter is close.

  1. Vozpit says: July 15, 20085:57 am

    I don’t think the article writer knows what the word “tiny” means.

  2. Juan Pablo de la Colina says: July 15, 20088:55 am

    Hi, Im a free printed magazine publisher from Mexico City and I was wondering if I can take some of the contents of your page to make a kind of section of the magazine that is non-profit. Can anybody help me in this?

  3. Charlie says: July 15, 20088:57 am

    Juan Pablo de la Colina: Go right ahead, I don’t make any copyright claims to the content on this site, though the original publishers may.

  4. Al Bear says: July 15, 20089:19 am

    If this is the tiny model, I’d hate to see what the big one looks like.

  5. Bob says: July 15, 20089:34 am

    The small one requires two men with backpacks, the medium requires four men with wagons, the big requires a team of ox, and the large requires the Hulk.

  6. Juan Pablo de la Colina says: July 15, 20089:40 am

    Thanks a lot, Charlie, and congratulatios for your blog… mmm my magazine is very little, but maybe its kind of rude just takin’ the pics without warning. Do you know where can i make contact with the publisher? I’been looking for it in the internet but it dosen’t seems to be any official site. Greetings

  7. Charlie says: July 15, 20089:45 am

    Juan Pablo de la Colina: It depends on which magazine the articles are from. Modern Mechanix is defunct, so I’m not sure who you’d contact.

  8. Juan Pablo de la Colina says: July 15, 200810:01 am

    Haha, well, I think then nobody can complaint haha… Thanks again and keep going on this, i find it quite interesting, i haven’t made any comment, but i been your reader for while… 🙂

  9. Anne says: July 15, 200810:04 am

    And for all that work, I’m betting very few people actually remember who he is.

  10. Blurgle says: July 15, 200810:34 am

    Anne, that may be because he wasn’t a movie star but a character actor, but it’s more likely because he was killed at age 40 in a car accident.

    In the picture above he couldn’t be more than 35 years old. He easily looks 15 years older, at least in my opinion.

  11. ratpack7 says: July 15, 20082:37 pm

    That radio is tiny for that time period.

  12. StanFlouride says: July 15, 20083:26 pm

    Not mentioned is that he died bankrupt when he tried to stop using this device when the pictures were done and AT&T charged him with an Early Termination Fee.

  13. rsterling78 says: July 16, 20085:31 am

    It looks like CONTROL agent Maxwell Smart has been assimilated by the Borg.

  14. docca says: July 16, 20088:51 am

    A biopic about him:

  15. Torgo says: July 16, 20086:06 pm

    I don’t think the author of this article know the meaning of the word “star.” I know this guy, he’s more of a character actor.

  16. Peter A says: November 2, 200810:22 pm

    Hasn’t this guy heard of cell phones?

  17. djkrugger says: July 8, 201012:37 am

    Can you hear me now?

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