RADIO IDEAS (Jan, 1941)

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TABLE-LAMP RADIO. Built Into the bakelite base of this attractive table lamp is a five-tube radio receiver with a dynamic speaker. A knob controls the on-off switch, and tuning is accomplished by turning the revolving dial in the base with the tips of the fingers.

CABINET TOUCH-UP KIT. Six different shades of high-grade lacquer are supplied in a handy kit for touching up plastic and colored cabinets. The colors are walnut, ivory, black, red, blue, and green. Bottles holding the enamel have plastic tops with attached brushes for applying it to cabinets.

JEWEL PICK-UP NEEDLE The new crystal pick-up below has a permanent jewel stylus of fine sapphire that is said to last a lifetime. The stylus is guarded by a spring mounting (indicated by the pencil in the photograph) which prevents harm if the pick-up arm is dropped.

TINIEST RADIO TUBE is the 1-1/4-inch midget shown below in contrast with a standard-size tube. Its plate-current drain is so low that it cannot be measured on a milliammeter! These tubes are available with tinned leads, or with a five-prong base.

HEAT-RADIATING TUBE CONNECTOR. Designed to protect the glass seals of transmitting tubes from damage by overheating, connectors of a new type are fitted with vanes that give additional surface for heat radiation. The connectors are available in four different sizes.

RECORD CHANGER. Any radio becomes an automatic phonograph when used with the instrument shown below. Requiring no connection with the radio, it plays eight ten-inch or seven twelve-inch records without attention.

PICK-UP FOR DANCERS’ SHOES. Amplifying the taps in tap dancing is a new job for pick-up units of the type commonly used on musical instruments. In the photograph above, the song-and-dance team of Valley and Lynne have the units attached to their insteps.

PERSONAL RADIO. Opening the lid of this compact portable radio turns it on automatically. The built-in antenna brings in broadcasts from stations fifty or more miles away. Its small size, light weight, and economical power requirements make it ideal for outings and travel.

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