“Radio Nurse” Watches Child (Jul, 1938)

Did you think that the baby monitor was a recent invention?

“Radio Nurse” Watches Child

A “RADIO NURSE” now brings the nursery into the living room, kitchen, or any other room desired. When a child is sleeping or playing in a room when no older persons are present, every sound within that room can be transmitted to any spot in the house. The outfit consists of a pickup unit, placed near the child to be “watched,” and a loudspeaker, which can be placed in any convenient location.

  1. galessa says: February 12, 20074:52 pm

    this nogushi design is one of my faves and I hope to cross with one, in a real bargain, someday.

  2. Tom says: January 24, 20084:07 pm

    The more modern stuff is more innovative because marketing doesn’t bother to do much research anymore… lol

    A recent example are a couple models of Honda/Accura with “steerable” headlights that let you see better around turns. According to their marketing no one had ever done it before…. Citroen (of France) was doing it in the mid 1950’s.

    Sort of like (Motorola) Quasar’s innovative “Works In a Drawer” modular design TV. Non consumer items used modular boards for decades – including *Motorola’s* non-consumer communications equipment. hehe

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