PROPELLERS and engines are not needed to fly the model airship of Bernays Johnson, who is shown with his craft in the photograph at the right. A powerful radio wave which neutralizes the pull of gravity is the force which keeps the ship aloft. Johnson experimented for ten years before he succeeded in discovering the principle of his anti-gravity waves. The ship can be controlled from within itself or from the ground. It was exhibited at the recent Boston radio exposition

  1. K Riemer says: July 14, 201010:40 am

    I suspect what this was was an “Ionocraft” or similar lots on the net about it (http://www.rexresearch….). The David Yorysh mentioned in the article was the father of a friend of mine. A neat guy he built a GIANT Bell tetrahedral kite for the NY Central Park kite festival in 1967(?). But of course that’s a story for a different article.


  2. jayessell says: July 14, 201011:12 am

    An electrostatic air pump?
    THAT is suppossed to replace the rotor of a helicopter?

    Ha Ha Ha! Oh wait. You’re serious. Let me laugh harder. BWAH HAH HAH!!!

    (Thanks Bender, and welcome back, Thursdays 10pm Comedy Channel.)

  3. Chris Radcliff says: July 14, 201011:29 am

    Is this the same Bernays Johnson who was impervious to the electric chair?


    Wait a minute… that’s the same issue, even! Who was this super-hero?

  4. Arglebarglefarglegleep says: July 14, 20102:18 pm

    Ionic thrust works on a limited scale, model thrusters can be made out of foil, wire and very high voltage power supplies.… The Ionic Breeze air purifier is basically a low power, stationary ion thruster designed for removing particulates from the air. http://www.officedepot….

    Ionic propulsion is being experiment with by several space agencies. They use radio waves to excite gases into plasma states then expel them from magnetic ‘nozzles’. The biggest problem with them is they don’t work very well w/o immense amount of power [think nuclear power] or they need a microgravity environment that allows very little resistance to motion.…

    There’s also beamed power propulsion which may use microwaves or lasers to heat a material to produce thrust on a separate vehicle that ground or orbital units power. There’s several successful laboratory level projects that are excellent proof of concept experiments.

  5. rick s. says: July 15, 20109:54 am

    The guy looks a little like a young Bela Lugosi. Maybe that’s why it works for him.


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