Rancher Sculptures Roots as Hobby (Aug, 1938)

These are actually really cool.

Rancher Sculptures Roots as Hobby

USING the gnarled and twisted roots of juniper shrubs as his medium, W.G. Hodgson, a rancher in Alberta, Canada, has attracted the attention of the artistic world by his ability to sculpture figurines which, by their perfection, express the countless moods of different human types. Strangely enough, the beautiful figurines are sculptured with carving implements made from salvaged parts of old automobile magnetos.

Whereas in ordinary sculpturing, the artist carves or chisels an object according to a preconceived idea, in sculpturing the roots the rancher-artist is necessarily limited by their curious twists and turns. Yet, so vast is the variety of the roots that he has instilled in his figurines, the expressions of agony, sorrow, age, youth, etc. Groups of the figurines have been exhibited in the art centers of New York, Paris and London and are said to have stirred critics to loud enthusiasm.

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  1. Charlene says: April 18, 20122:10 pm

    That’s serious art.

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