Rear-Engine Car Looks Like Bus (Feb, 1949)

Rear-Engine Car Looks Like Bus
Assembled entirely from standard parts and sub-assemblies, a rear-engine automobile called the Mustang has been introduced in Seattle as the newest entry in the low-price field. The car, which seats six, two in front and four in back, is designed to sell for $1235. It has a four-cylinder, 59-horsepower Hercules engine. The power unit, consisting of engine, transmission and rear axle, slides out for repair when the body is raised. A door in the body just ahead of the rear wheel provides access to the engine for servicing. There is a large luggage compartment in the rear. The buslike front end provides excellent visibility for front-seat occupants

  1. Brad says: May 31, 20117:04 am

    I have an original magazine with this very article published in it. I was reading it and became fascinated and began searching the internet for more information.

  2. Brad says: May 31, 20117:05 am

    anyone know more about it let me know, please.

  3. 1949 Mustang car - PeachParts Mercedes ShopForum says: December 29, 201211:26 am

    […] Mustang car Rear-Engine Car Looks Like Bus | Modern Mechanix Imagine if "Mustang" had entered the lexicon as this […]

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