Recent Inventions (Feb, 1936)

The headphones on the top left look like something out of Mad Magazine.

Recent Inventions

• IN surveying the product of inventive genius, as it appears in the patents issued each week, it is interesting to notice the variety. Of the total, a great proportion are merely based upon previous practice, and are minor improvements, valuable, doubtless, from an economic standpoint, but of interest only to a technician. Others, which may be grasped at a glance are pictured here.

Quiet Radio Reception.

• THE patent illustrated above, in one of its numerous features, contains 110 less than 127 claims, dealing with different advances of the art. One of the features is in-dividual-ear reproduction. The listener, even though hard of hearing, has the sound directed exclusively to his ears, so that others in the room may not be disturbed.

Automatic Fish Sorter is Scientific.

Fish are handled by machinery at canneries. This machine, invented by two university students, selects those on which the Bureau of Fisheries has placed shiny metal tags, before releasing them, to determine their migratory habits.

Radiation Applied to Liquids.

• SIMILAR to inventions for converting sunlight heat into power, that below is for use in “irradiating” liquids, like fruit juices and oils, to increase the vitamins in them.

Child’s Toy is Simple Patent.

• FOR instance, above is presented an idea which is expressed in a single patent claim. It applies old methods to a new result, adding perhaps some instruction to entertainment.

Nursery Playground.

• LIKE the slides in school yards and parks, but smaller, is this simple attachment to an ordinary chair, which affords baby a chance to amuse himself safely for an indefinite period, and acquire exercise at the same time.

Militaristic Toys.

• THE inventor of the articles at the right is a resident of Nuremberg, Germany. A single tin soldier, or even a platoon of them coupled together, will execute the “shoulder arms” at a touch of the button, as shown.

Doubling Capacity of Busses.

• WITH school conveyances in mind, the inventor of the vehicle below secures almost subway congestion, while giving each pupil a seat. Perhaps a few more could hang from the roof.

Humidity Control Meter.

• IN a thermometer, the bulb is practically constant, the mercury varies. Here the bulb expands with damp and shrinks with dry air, moving the column of mercury up and down correspondingly. It may be used to give a direct scale reading of the humidity; or as an automatic device to control a humidifier, through sealing the wires of an electric circuit into the tube.

  1. MikeBurdoo says: November 24, 201012:15 pm

    Great invention for the bus seating arrangement- Imagine the Monty Python routine when 3 or 4 students seated somewhere in the middle of the bus want to get out at the next stop….

  2. Charlene says: November 24, 20101:02 pm

    Imagine the routine when the bus hits a pothole and the paramedics can’t fit in to treat all the people with life-threatening traumatic brain injuries.

  3. Jari says: November 24, 20102:42 pm

    Or the passenger pile-up if the driver must slam the brakes hard or if it crashes to something.

  4. Kosher Ham says: November 24, 20103:13 pm

    I like the headphones although I’m sure that the designers could have embedded the speakers into the cushions.

  5. Stephen Edwards says: November 25, 20106:00 am

    My favorite is the slide: as soon as a heavy kid puts all his weight on the slide, the chair will tip over on top of him.

    The fish sorter comes in a close second: what’s putting the fish on the conveyor with such precision, and what prevents the fish from jumping around? Those are some laid back fish. And finally, is a simple brightness meter going to be able to detect the difference between a “shiny metal tag” and a large fish with shiny scales?

  6. Jayessell says: November 26, 201012:28 pm

    Sholder arms?
    More like “Seig Heil!”.

    Maybe I’m jumping to conclusions just because it’s from 1936 Germany.

  7. George says: November 26, 20102:11 pm

    First thing I thought of was an ad in “For Fish” magazine: Amazing New Invention Fools Cannery Photoelectric System, [X] Yes, I have enclosed $39.95 for the scientifically designed Back-2-C tag simulator. [X] I enclose an additional $9.95 for the advanced model that can fool the new X-Band and Laser sorters. (not available to inhabitants of the Red Sea or Indiana territorial waters)

  8. M.S.W. says: December 1, 201010:26 am

    Nothing beats the ride to school on a bus where some has their butt in your face the whole trip. Hope they didn’t have beans for breakfast…

  9. M.S.W. says: December 1, 201010:59 am

    The look on the baby going down the slide looks like he/she needs a diaper change.

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