Revive Interest in ART of TATTOOING (Apr, 1934)

If you’re interested in tattoos, be sure to check out this article. Or, perhaps a new career?

Revive Interest in ART of TATTOOING

INTEREST in tattooing has been revived by a book that covers the subject thoroughly and frankly. “Tattoo” by Albert Parry, makes many startling revelations.

For instance, it is surprising to learn how many women, even in society circles, adorn their physical charms with multi-colored figures of butterflies, hearts, cupids and initials of loved ones.

The tattoo mark even is found in royal palaces and King George V of England can oast, if he so desires, of two dragons, one on either arm. These he acquired when he toured the Orient with his brother away back in 1879. When news of the future king’s adornment became public, many men and women high in public life rushed to the tattoo parlors to join in the “skin game.”

However, the greatest masterpiece in the tattoo art are found among sailors and among the professionals, those who place themselves on exhibition at circuses and museums. Selected illustrations from Parry’s book are shown here. It is published by Simon and Schuster.

  1. nlpnt says: October 21, 20075:08 pm

    Ever notice how tattoos tend to skip a generation? Could it be like the “Hi and Lois” cartoon a while back (“I have seen the future and it’s a blotch”) ?

  2. jayessell says: October 21, 20078:33 pm

    That was in Hi and Lois?

    They still print Hi and Lois?

  3. nlpnt says: October 22, 20076:18 pm

    Yes, and Rex Morgan too!
    Currently he’s on a camping trip with a kid who waas unhappy not to be allowed to bring his- wait for it, wait for iiiiiiiittt- cassette boom box (!)

    I am not making that up.

  4. Blurgle says: October 30, 200710:12 pm

    Rex Morgan, Mary Worth, Mark Trail, even the Katzenjammer Kids are still around.

    I’m addicted to Mary Worth.

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