Rosicrucians Ad: Psychic Phenomena and The War (Mar, 1945)

Psychic Phenomena and The War

On the Threshold of Danger — Strange Things Happen!

Have you ever sensed the imminent danger of a loved one-even though he is across sea or continent? Have you been suddenly awakened by the call of your name—then realize that the one who spoke it was thousands of miles distant? If you ever had these experiences — as millions now have — learn the truth about them.

Love and friendship create a bond of consciousness between humans. This consciousness can be extended to bridge the voids of time and space. When human souls are bared under great emotional stress, then this indwelling faculty is released. Learn that there is far more to life, to the fullness and glory of living, than you suspect.

Accept This FREE Book

Let the Rosicrucians (not a religion), a worldwide organization of thinking men and women, show you that material limitations need not actually separate you from those you love. Convert the mysteries of your being into intelligible, usable laws of accomplishment. Write today for free copy of the book The Mastery of Life. It will explain how you may share these startling truths of self.
Address Scribe: M.L.K.


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