Runners Convert Wagon (Dec, 1947)

Runners Convert Wagon

Four small wheel runners quickly convert this child’s wagon into a steerable sled for use in winter. Patented by Emil Lersch, of Pensacola, Fla., the ski-like, turned-up metal runners are each clamped firmly to a wheel of the wagon by a pair of side plates shaped to conform closely to the wheel’s contours. In addition, angled braces between the runners and the axles provide lateral stability.

  1. MAKE: Blog says: November 27, 20061:09 pm

    Make a “sidewalk runabout” and a sled wagon…

    Modern Mechanix has a couple great projects (and ideas) from over 50 years ago for snow and sidewalk transportation. More @ Modern Mechanix – Link. Related: Runners Convert Wagon (Dec, 1947) – Link.This Sidewalk Runabout is Easy to Build……

  2. Daily Clerks says: December 3, 20062:09 pm

    […] Runners Convert Wagon (Dec, 1947) – Link. […]

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