Russian Invents Double Recording Discs (Jan, 1937)

Russian Invents Double Recording Discs

A VIOLINIST playing his own piano accompaniment or a vocalist harmonizing as a trio may sound incredible, but it is quite possible according to Professor Vladimir Karapetoff of Cornell University. The eminent Russian scientist has perfected a device which makes it possible to record as many as three different instruments or voices on a single phonograph disc.

Provided with earphones, a violinist can accompany a piano rendition previously played by himself. When the recording is played back both violin and piano will harmonize. It is possible for the musician to add a third instrument to the recording, producing a stringed trio rendition. A singer who can sing alto, mezzo soprano and soprano can blend her voice into a trio when recorded on the unusual apparatus. Prof. Karapetoff’s instrument uses regular home recording blank discs which are cut with a special electric pick-up. Records are played through an amplifier.

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