Save time – Shop here for the photo fans on your Christmas list (Dec, 1952)

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Save time – Shop here for the photo fans on your Christmas list

These two pages give you some idea of the many useful and inexpensive gift ideas at your photo dealer’s. Visit him soon. He’ll be glad to help you choose just the right gift for every photo fan on your shopping list.

Easy-to-use materials for printing pictures —ideally suited for beginners. Kodacraft Printing Kit, $4.95.

Basic essentials for developing and printing pictures, including roll-film tank. Kodacraft Photo-Lab Outfit, $8.75.

Complete developing, printing equipment, incl. metal printer. Kodacraft Advanced Photo-Lab, $14.10.

For efficient print drying. Counteracts tendency of prints to curl. Use it over and over. Kodak Blotter Roll, $2.88.

Easy to use, load, and pour. Takes 620-120, 616-116, and 127 roll films. Kodacraft Roll-Film Tank, $2.53.

Permits loading and processing of 35mm. films to be carried out in daylight. Kodak Day-Load Tank, $9.30.

New-type printing frame of steel construction. Includes a set of masks. Kodacraft Printing Frame, $1.29.

Adjustable — accepts all sizes of negatives up to 4 x 5-1/2 inches. Kodak Auto-Mask Printing Frame, $2.79.

Converts ordinary tray to efficient, trouble-free washer for prints or films. Kodak Automatic Tray Siphon, $4.50.

Frees both hands for handling equipment and material in the darkroom. Kodak Utility Footswitch, $10.00.

Tilting base, minute and split-second hands, large dial. Covers intervals to 60 minutes. Kodak Timer, $7.20.

Gives precise timing in contact and projection printing, 1 to 57 seconds. Kodak Electric Time Control, $13.50.

Handsome chemical-resistant plastic housing protects all working parts. Kodak Chemical Scales, $9.90.

Cool, Circline fluorescent lamp, integrating-sphere lamphouse are prominent features in each en-larger. Kodak Hobbyist Enlarger (left), $44.00, complete with f/6.3 lens. Versatile Kodak Fluro-lite Enlarger (right), $99.50, without lens.

Lenses for the Flurolite Enlarger range from 50mm. f/4.5 “Ektanon” to 4-inch f/4.5 “Ektar.” From $14.00.

For accurate masking of enlargements —use It with any vertical enlarger. Kodak Masking Easel, 11 x 14, $9.60.

For determining correct printing time —saves both paper and time. Kodak Projection Print Scale, $1.15.

Feature – packed view-type camera —permits one-to-one close-ups. Kodak Flurolite Camera Combination, $60.00.

Permits use of 35mm. film with Flurolite Enlarger or Recomar-type cameras. Kodak 35mm. Film Adapter A, $45.00.

Includes three cups for darkroom work with both papers and films. Brownie Darkroom Lamp Kit, $1.75.

New darkroom safe-light that provides direct or indirect illumination—or both. Kodak 2-Way Safelamp, $4.50.

Can be used either from a drop cord or in a wall plug. Includes safelight filter. Kodak Darkroom Lamp, $4.70.

Attaches to wall, shelf, bench. Includes switch, cord, safelight filter. Kodak Adjustable Safe-light Lamp, $7.40.

Expertly made, offers sound protection together with smart appearance. Kodak carrying case. From $2.65.

Adapts de luxe model Kodak Tourist Cameras to take «Kodachrome Film. Kodak Tourist Adapter Kit, $13.25.

Permits use of economical Bantam-size (828) color films. Kodak 828 Adapter for Kodak Reflex Cameras, $4.59.

Automatically trips shutter, permits photographer to get into picture. Kodak Auto-Release, $3.86.

Provides dependable “flash” for most internally synchronized cameras. Kodak Standard Flasholder, $8.25.

Sensational new battery-condenser flash system. Kodak Ektalux Flasholder (Standard Bracket), $29.75.

Condenser – type power for dependable “flash.” Kodak B-C Flashpack, $2.95 (without 22-1/2-volt battery).

Twelve-inch reflector focuses readily from wide to narrow light beam. Kodak Vari-Beam Clamplight, $10.50.

Permits close-range picture taking with most fixed-focus cameras. Kodak Close-up Attachment, $1.63.

Now a filter designed for inexpensive box cameras—emphasizes clouds. Kodak Cloud Filter, $1.72.

Provides an excellent means of darkening the sky and clouds in color pictures. Kodak PolaScreen, $6.75.

Shades the camera lens and reduces sky flare-attaches directly to adapter ring. Kodak Lens Hood. From. $1.65.

Popular yellow (K2), red (A), and green (XI) filters to fit most cameras. Kodak Wratten Filters. From $1.65.

Two compartments hold 4 filters, adapter ring, lens hood. Kodak Combination Filter Cases, $4.25, $4.95.

New-type slide-feeding mechanism, cool operation, elevating device. Kodaslide Merit Projector, $26.10.

2×2 projector and screen in a single unit. Usable in fully lighted room. Kodaslide Table Viewer, 4X, $49.50.

Projector, screen, slide changer in one unit. Kodaslide Table Viewer, Model A, $97.50.

Compartments for 240 cardboard or 96 glass slides. Kodaslide Compartment File, $3.94.

Protects 140 cardboard or 55glass slides—keeps them organized. Kodaslide File Box, $1.57.

Holds 360 2 x 2-inch or 160 stereo slides. Kodaslide Flexo File, $1.25.

Prices subject to change without notice and include Federal Tax where applicable. Consult your dealer.


  1. slow joe crow says: December 23, 20113:15 pm

    It’s surprising how familiar most of that stuff looks. While we were using Nikons instead of Brownies, most of the darkroom equipment is almost the same as what I used in high school in the early 80’s.

  2. Mike says: December 23, 20116:56 pm

    Mail order? Why that will destroy the retail business in a few short years.

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