Schnoter’s Suspensories (Mar, 1922)

Schnoter’s Suspensories
Leaders For 51 Years

Perfect in every way, quality, fit and wear. Low price. Used in hospitals; prescribed by medical authorities.
If your druggist does not carry Schnoter’s —accept no substitutes. Order direct $ 1.00

Booklet of other styles sent upon request.

Midland Park (Dept. P.) New Jersey

  1. Stannous says: March 1, 20076:38 pm

    Doesn’t “schnoter” sound like a Yiddish euphemism for a male body part?

  2. Jeff says: January 18, 200812:17 pm

    Yep, and doesn’t this look like a primitive jockstrap? I know, you could call it a “Schnoter-strap”!

  3. jmyint says: January 18, 200812:48 pm

    Um, these devices are from a time when most adult males over 40 had hernias a few operations were done to relieve them.

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