They moved to a new location, but Scranton Hobby Center is still around.

hudson miniatures’ “OLD TIMERS” Auto Kits

Left to right:
1911 Maxwell—$2.50
1904 Olds—$1.95
1909 Ford—$2.95
1910 Ford—$2.50

Left to right:
1909 Steamer—$2.95
1903 Ford—$2.50
1903 Rambler—$2.50
1900 Packard—$2.50

For ALL Hobbyists and Collectors!

Now everyone can enjoy the thrill of owning an antique automobile. You can discover the fascination of the antique auto through the medium of Hudson Miniatures’ “OLD TIMER” Auto Construction Kits. Shown are eight famous models—colorful, authentic cars, easy to assemble, economical to buy. Start your collection today.

See them at your favorite Hobby store, or write to us for tree literature.

No C.O.D.’s, please. Include 25c tor postage and packing.

Dept. 2, 315 Adams Avenue, Scranton 10, Pa.

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  1. Stephen says: May 13, 20125:43 am

    I think it’s one of these kits that Joseph Cotten is building in “Niagara” – despite being married to Marilyn Monroe. It’s a neat way of showing there’s something seriously wrong in their marriage.

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