Sculptor Gets Pose in Half-Minute (Jun, 1931)

Sculptor Gets Pose in Half-Minute

THOSE who wish to have their classic profiles excavated from the ruins a thousand years from now, may now secure a sculptured portrait of themselves without posing for hours on end. Only thirty seconds of sitting are now necessary to enable Artist William Fred Engleman to turn out a portrait bust in clay, marble or bronze.

Engleman, who combines science with his art, has invented a special camera which takes five hundred pictures of the model in thirty seconds. The photos are taken from such angles that every detail of the contour of the face and head are revealed.

  1. Johnny Q says: March 31, 20106:07 am

    Apparently that women wanted a statue made of her that looked like it was quizzically passing gas.

  2. Toronto says: March 31, 20106:52 pm

    500 photos in 30 seconds is pretty close to 16 fps – fairly normal.

    I recall in the early ’70s there was a British inventor who mechanized the next step – carving each profile in high density foam or something via a hot-wire that was guided by the captured images. The samples I saw were surprizingly good.

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