See This Man – for BEST BUYS in travel to all America … (Oct, 1952)

See This Man – for BEST BUYS in travel to all America …

He’s the Greyhound Agent in your town!

You’ll find him at the sign of the running Greyhound—in 7000 cities and towns— in all 48 states—and around the world!

If you live in a big city you’ll meet him at a ticket window, or in the Travel Bureau of the downtown Greyhound terminal. In a smaller town you’ll find him at the bus depot—or he may be the proprietor of the local drug store, restaurant, hotel or other place of business.

In any case, he’s an important man to your community … and to you! For your friendly Greyhound agent is the only person who can provide a ticket to any of the 48 states, any great American city, Canada or Mexico — over the lines of one dependable transportation system!

His service goes far beyond the sale of tickets at a saving. He’s ready to help you with schedules and itineraries—to select the most thrilling scenic routes —to recommend interesting stop-overs along the way. In hundreds of cities and towns he’s prepared to arrange delightful Expense-Paid Tours, make hotel reservations, plan special sightseeing.

This is the man who offers you America’s finest highway travel… the Greyhound agent in your home town. Did we say “man”? Sometimes your Greyhound agent is a woman travel expert —and all we have said goes full measure for the lady who represents Greyhound!

See him (or her) for pleasant trips this Fall.

SEE THIS MAN for Straight-Through, Limited, and Express Service Enjoy direct, time-saving, and luxurious travel with fewest possible stops.

SEE THIS MAN for group trips to the big games, all Fall events Charter a Greyhound . . . keep your crowd together every mile of the way.

SEE THIS MAN for Fall vacations, week-end travel, business trips Golden Autumn days are great for scenic travel by Greyhound bus.

SEE THIS MAN for planned pleasure tours, hotel reservations Amazing America Tours include transportation, hotels, and sightseeing!

GREYHOUND The Friendly Way to Travel!

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