Set Building Simplified by Standardized Hookup Board (Jan, 1930)

Set Building Simplified by Standardized Hookup Board

THIS new hookup board will gladden the heart of many a newcomer into radio because of the ease with which it allows the novice to hook up his receiver. It eliminates all wiring from part to part and practically any type of circuit can be employed. Consequently the following of blueprints and diagrams can be avoided and the various items assembled by merely plugging them in the proper sockets in the board.

The hookup board is of black insulating material and rests on rubber pads. In the face of the board are a series of sockets vertically and in a horizontal line, the horizontal lines being numbered and the vertical lines being lettered. All sockets are connected electrically by metal strips at the back so no matter where the parts are plugged in, they will be connected. Thus, by following the diagrams sent with the boards, parts are plugged in according to horizontal and vertical positions and in a jiffy the hookup is complete. Plugs are furnished with the board that can be quickly attached to the various parts.

  1. Kosher Ham says: December 7, 201012:09 pm

    The first patch panel?

  2. MikeBurdoo says: December 7, 201012:31 pm

    I wonder how hard it would be to get your pinky across the plate voltage

  3. Richard says: December 7, 201012:37 pm

    I think it resembles a protoboard (solderless breadboard).… . A patch panel connects multi-conductor cables. A solderless breadboard connects individual components via individual wires.

    But the plugs/sockets look more like banana plugs than a modern breadboard, which accepts component leads or 22 gauge solid wire directly.

    Anyway, while this allows easy changes and experimentation, it’s not a very good way to make a permanent circuit, because things come unplugged too easily. Once pre-built soldered sets were available at reasonable prices, this thing probably lost a lot of popularity.

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