Shark Octopus Undersea Battle Filmed (Jul, 1933)

Shark Octopus Undersea Battle Filmed
A most remarkable battle between a shark and an octopus has been photographed by a daring cameraman for the film, “Samarang”—(Out of the Deep). With his camera and equipment inside a diving bell, open at the bottom, the internal air pressure being sufficient to keep the water out at shallow depths, he placed a piece of meat in the water to attract the shark, the octopus already being in the vicinity. The battle which ensued between shark and octopus lasted twenty minutes, but it was quite one-sided. The shark swung into attack from below, as shown in one of the pictures, getting a death grip which is never relinquished until the helpless victim succumbs. The shark was of the tiger variety. The battle was staged in comparatively shallow water to allow of sufficient light for recording the extraordinary scenes. The battle winds up with the shark dining off one of the tentacles of his foe.

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  2. Firebrand38 says: July 9, 20078:36 pm

    I don’t know the point of that last comment, but here is a contemporary movie review from Time magazine…

  3. Stannous says: July 9, 200711:22 pm

    FB38- We get a lot of ‘pingbacks’ (i.e., referrals and links to other blogs) here, just ignore tham, they mean nothing.

    Thansk for the review, I especilly like this line:
    “The stagiest shot is the one that was really most dangerous to make—a python coiling around a native who had been directed to yelp when the coil grew uncomfortably tight. Instead of yelping, the native fainted, had to be rescued by four of his confreres. Sai-Yu, who watched the python shooting, cried all that day.”

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