She Doesn’t Care! (May, 1952)

Actually she seems to be rather enjoying it. Remember fellas, if you want to hose down a random girl on the street, make sure her dress won’t wrinkle. Generally only a scientist can tell, thus the lab coat.

She Doesn’t Care!

1. Water will leave almost no wrinkles in her dress, thanks to a new fabric woven of resin-treated cotton fibers that tend to return to their original shape after dousing or crushing. This amazing cloth stays clean longer and wears better.

2. Create this fabric, scientists add to a natural product—cotton—a synthetic that becomes an integral part of the fiber itself. In just this same way, Conoco scientists developed Conoco Super Motor Oil, by adding to a natural product —oil—additives that keep your engine clean, protect it from wear, fight acid, sludge, and rust.

3. 50,000 Miles—No Wear! After a punishing 50,000-mile road test, with proper drains and regular care, engines lubricated with Conoco Super showed no wear of any consequence: in fact, an average of less than one one-thousandth inch on cylinders and crankshafts. Gasoline mileage for the last 5,000 miles was actually 99.77% as good as for first 5,000. Proof that Conoco Super, with Oil-Plating, can keep your new car new!

Now in its 77th year, Continental Oil Company is a leader in oil research and a pioneer in oil-perfecting additives, with more than 100 patents on discoveries that improve performance and lengthen the life of your car.


  1. John M Hanna says: March 10, 201110:02 am

    And thus the wet T-shirt contest was conceived.

  2. Christoph says: March 10, 201111:48 am

    Weird, how it’s an ad for improved fabric, and then in one sentence switches to being an ad for car lubricants. Sort of a bait and switch, but in a stupid way.

  3. John says: March 10, 201112:07 pm

    Christoph: Not too weird when you consider they used a scientific/technological reason to show cleavage in the 50’s to the intended audience.

  4. Charlene says: March 10, 20112:47 pm

    Gosh, I wonder what they’re trying to imply in this ad….

  5. whoozle whazzle says: March 10, 20113:51 pm

    @John M Hanna @ Charlene

    Thanks for making me laugh ! 🙂

  6. Hirudinea says: March 10, 20113:56 pm

    So that’s what research chemists do on spring break!

  7. Jari says: March 10, 20114:28 pm

    Did you noticed, that the scientist isn’t actually watching the girl?

  8. Repack Rider says: March 10, 20118:02 pm

    (Erotic image)

    “Now that i have your attention, motor oil…”

  9. Timaay says: March 13, 20119:55 am

    I think he is making her wet.

  10. John says: March 13, 201110:16 am

    Timaay: Cue applause

  11. Patrick says: March 14, 20116:43 am

    Ha! Guess what company I work for……..

  12. darren says: March 28, 20119:24 pm

    She’s oblivious to the fact that she is soaking wet and will be very uncomfortable for the rest of the day, but at least her dress won’t get wrinkled.

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