“Shooting It Out” with Movie Gangsters” (May, 1938)

“Shooting It Out” with Movie Gangsters”

THE only practice the average G-man, detective or law enforcement officer gets with his pistol, rifle or submachine gun is against a wooden target which pops into view or on a stationary bull’s-eye, where one has plenty of time to level the sights. In either case the target never fights back.

To give officers an opportunity of pitting their skill in the handling of fire-arms against that of gangsters, the detective force in Berlin, Germany, is trained with motion picture targets. On the screen a gangster pops up from nowhere. He runs, dodges, hides, or shoots back. The moment the detective fires, the motion picture stops and the location of the bullet mark is noted.

  1. Stannous says: September 18, 20073:29 pm

    But wait, how does the movie screen ‘fight back’?

    By 1938 the German state and city police forces had already been absorbed into the SD and SS.

  2. KHarn says: March 2, 20086:56 pm

    According to where the detective is pointing to indicate the bullet hole, the bullet only clipped the “gangster’s” lapel. That cop is DEAD!

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