SILVERICE BALLS the modern method of cooling food products

Here is the latest, sensationally new way of chilling food—cooling drinks in hot weather, and keeping food fresh and appetizing while on the table.

Place SILVERICE BALLS in any ice-making refrigerator chamber long enough to freeze—take them out—drop two balls in a glass of water, ginger ale or other drink. In a few minutes you have a cool, refreshing drink. SILVERICE BALLS placed in a butter dish or salad plate, keeps butter chilled and firm—the salad crisp and tasty.

SILVERICE BALLS last indefinitely. The water inside them is hermetically sealed. None escapes. A small vacuum takes care of expansion and contraction of the water as it freezes and melts. The silvery lustre of the glistening balls may be maintained permanently as the metal may be polished when necessary. SILVERICE BALLS are much more convenient than ice cubes. Use them in every beverage that is cooled for serving. Guests doubly appreciate your taste and hospitality when you use SILVERICE BALLS.

Send check or money order for box of six SILVERICE BALLS,
$5.00. Literature sent free upon request.
Suite 1632, 420 Lexington Avenue New York, N. Y.

  1. Old Man Musings » Silverice Balls says: August 28, 200611:51 am

    […] These little silver spheres were initially sold by Saks 5th Ave, during the 1930’s. The vintage ad says “SILVERICE BALLS are much more convenient than ice cubes”, but I’d disagree. The first thing that comes to mind is an image of Daffy Duck getting shot in the teeth, by Elmer Fudd, and receving a big hole in his smile. […]

  2. Stannous says: August 28, 20069:31 pm

    My urologist gave me some ointment that cleared up my silverice balls…

  3. Brassball says: November 13, 20114:52 am

    I have one of these spheres. It’s “silver lustre” is long gone. It is brass, with just trace amounts of the silver plating. The hermetically sealed water wasn’t so hermetically sealed, as it is gone. I know it is the correct item because of the brand name printed on the vacuum seal area button.

    I wonder if I have the last surviving Silverice Ball?

  4. Nope says: November 13, 201111:19 am

    Sorry you don’t have the last one, I have bunch, and they still have the water inside.

  5. Darren_au says: November 13, 20114:21 pm

    “drop two balls in a glass of water, ginger ale or other drink” – they look too big to drop into a normal size glass. Assuming they fit, most of the contents of the glass would overflow after I dropped a couple in.

  6. bernarda says: December 23, 20117:49 pm

    The question is really silver?

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