Simple Device Makes Signs Instantly Interchangeable (Jul, 1932)

What I find interesting about this is, was this just a test sign? Or did people really used to go into a gas station and shop for gasoline by brand?

Simple Device Makes Signs Instantly Interchangeable

WITH the price of gasoline changing almost daily, station attendants will welcome the new metal sign system, shown on the left, which allows price notices to be changed in a jiffy—without altering the sign’s neatness.

The name plate is equipped with a bracket which slips over the metal post and is clamped tight. The lower edge of this plate is bent to provide a flat sleeve and a longitudinal slot. Price plates have a flat, solid head which slides into this slot and is locked by pressure.

  1. Mick Canick says: August 25, 20125:30 pm

    I like the 3/10 of a cent price.

  2. Toronto says: August 25, 20129:39 pm

    It’s about 45 times that, here today.

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