Single Spar Slotted Wings Next (Apr, 1931)

Single Spar Slotted Wings Next
This drawing represents a well known English aeronautical engineer’s idea of what form the future passenger plane should take. The variable camber wing is not yet possible for engineering reasons.

  1. TomLR says: April 20, 20114:00 pm

    How similar is this to the currently-used leading and trailing edges that move to change lift for take-off and landing?

  2. Stephen Edwards says: April 21, 20118:11 am

    Although of course the details differ greatly, this does look like a form of the flaps used on virtually all aircraft today. It especially reminds me of the wings on so-called STOL aircraft:…

  3. mikeburdoo says: May 1, 20115:01 pm

    You want one flap to translate forward and down of the wing with a gap between it and the wing leading edge, and the other to translate aft and down, again with a gap between it and the wing trailing edge. With everything out the area is increased and the wing can then go to a higher angle of attack without stalling. This arrangement looks more like a triplane.

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