SKY RIDES (Jan, 1934)


The Outstanding Electric Toy of the Year Our monorail railways are fascinating and educational. Your wishes can be satisfied in everyway as we make all parts standard so that you can purchase a complete set as low as $8.85 and add equipment to it as you desire.

Of course they operate on 6-8 volt current (no danger to children) and the highest standards of quality and workmanship are maintained.

All sets beautifully finished in attractive enamel colors and operate on 6-8 V. A. C. or D. C. All cars illuminated and equipped with individual motors with automatic control that stops and starts them at the towers. Model B and A sets will operate continuously under automatic control. Extra sections 32″ length rail for increasing span between the towers $1.00 ea. Special patented monorail having great structural strength and carrying the complete electrical circuit is used.

The finest toy power motor on earth. Operates on 6-8 V. A. C. or D. C. current. Equipped with seared reduction to 2″ pulley. Has plenty of power and reverse control. Motor is mounted on base 9″ x 3″. – $1.98

Model C $7.95. 1 car, single rail span 64″. Towers 25″ high.

Model B $14.50. 2 cars, double rail span 64″. Towers 25″ high. Remote control for each car.

Model A $19.75. 2 cars, double rail span 64″. Towers 35″ high. Elec. searchlights atop towers. Remote control for each car.

Send 10c coin for complete literature.

Aero Monorail Company
Dept. HG 1
2712 Big Bend Blvd., St. Louis, Mo.

  1. Toronto says: September 15, 20135:26 pm

    I’d have loved this if I were of that generation!

    I’ve ridden on the monorails of Expo ’67 (all three, and later worked for one of the companies that made them), Seattle, Disney, Pearson Airport, and several others. I hope to add the Memphis one soon.

  2. Stephen says: September 16, 20134:06 am

    Yes, I want one of those too. 🙂

  3. Hirudinea says: September 20, 201310:20 am

    @ Toronto – I love monorails, wish they’ed add some to the TTC.

  4. Toronto says: September 21, 20134:41 pm

    @Hirudina – A monorail would solve a lot of problems with the SRT replacement – in theory you could build it over the roads and Mayor “I never ride Transit but want to run it” Ford would have one less thing to complain about.

  5. Hirudinea says: September 22, 20133:15 pm

    @ Toronot – Exactly, but it makes too much sense so it will never happen.

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