Smoke for Pleasure today— No Cigarette Hangover tomorrow! (Sep, 1952)

Smoke for Pleasure today— No Cigarette Hangover tomorrow!

Remember: Philip Morris is made differently from any other leading brand. And that difference is your guarantee of everything you’ve ever wanted in a cigarette . . . tasty mildness, rich flavor, pleasant aroma … a clean, refreshing smoke . . . and NO CIGARETTE HANGOVER!

Try Philip Morris yourself. Your throat will note the difference!

“I LOVE LUCY” starring Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz is America’s most popular TV show. Tune in CBS.


You’ll be glad tomorrow… you smoked PHILIP MORRIS today!

  1. DocScience says: October 8, 20122:07 pm

    At the time, Philip Morris had discovered that adding propylene glycol to the tobacco made for a less harsh tasting smoke.
    It’s still used in cigarettes today.

    “Better” living through chemistry.

  2. quadibloc says: October 11, 20122:39 pm

    It is indeed shocking by today’s standards that two of the most trusted faces in America advertised deadly tobacco – but so many people smoked that to participate in advertising to have them consider another brand did not seem wrong, and people usually didn’t make the decision to smoke because of advertising, or so it seemed.

  3. jayessell says: October 11, 20128:15 pm

    Check YouTube for Fred Flintstone’s Marlboro ad.

  4. JMyint says: October 12, 20128:38 am

    It’s Winstons, Fred and Barney smoked Winston cigarettes.

  5. savweb says: October 13, 20131:41 pm

    I’m 57 years old man. When I look back on such old commercials it’s really striking how cigarette smoking was such a rooted part of the life style of many people. Being a child I knew just two people who did not smoke – and they were my parents. They were really considered weirdoes for that. It looked like every human over 14 years old was smoking. My doctor smoked, my teacher smoked… inside cafes and restaurants there was just a fog of cigarette smoke too.

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